Breaking The Stereotypes Challenge

Attention Everyone!

Even though I am just one person in this entire world, I believe that I can change the world. In order to do this we need to break all stereotypes. Unfortunately, there are a countless amount. There are racial stereotypes, beauty stereotypes, body stereotypes, mental health stereotypes and many more. Since it would be really hard for one blogger to tackle on all of them by their self, I decided to make it a challenge. I have teamed up with another blogger to break these stereotypes. The link to her site will be in this post and you should check it out. As far as the challenge goes, I will invite five bloggers to join in. When responding to this challenge the rules are simple. Non- WordPress bloggers can also get in on this. The rules will be at the bottom.

Rule # 1-

Follow my blog

Rule # 2-

Link this post in your response

Rule # 3-

Write about a stereotype and how we can change it

Rule # 4-

Challenge 5 other bloggers

My Response:

There are so many stereotypes about a woman’s body. Whether it has something to do with hair or clothes or any thing else. The one I am going to talk about is weight. For some reason people think that you need to be skinny to be beautiful. That is 100 percent untrue. Beauty comes from within. Beauty is when you see someone struggling and help them, not for attention but because of your heart. Big girls, skinny girls, and average weight girls are all what at the end of the day? GIRLS! No matter what they may look like. If someone tells you that you are “ugly” or “too fat”, they are most likely going through a hardship in their life where they have a low self-esteem. With this in mind, tell them off. Let them know that they will never break you down to bring themselves up. Everyone is beautiful.

The 5 bloggers that I nominate is

Are we there yet?


Non-Wordpress Blogger Rules

Rule #1-

Email subscribe to my blog

Rule #2-

Follow my Instagram

Rule # 3-

Nominate 3 others to join the challenge



I hope to see your responses and let’s make a difference!



9 thoughts on “Breaking The Stereotypes Challenge

    1. I noticed this a little too late I suppose. But better late than never!
      I’m yet to learn how to follow this ‘challenge’ concept, I mean learning how to link it to the blog, anyway, I decided to get my thoughts across on this in the comment platform and thank you for mentioning me!
      I have observed that our thoughts always tend to flow in a certain pattern. Like a river flowing still, we do not like to be disturbed. It is a mundane pattern and we never really realise it, but we are the ones who confine them to stereotypes. The way we process our thoughts, in fact even the way we form them, they are always the same. I suppose we can bring in a change only if we break free the shackles that we obstruct our thoughts to. We bind our thoughts and force them to see only light or dark whenever we wish to. So, maybe we can see a change in our perspectives only when we break the stereotypes that we set for our thoughts.
      As the saying goes I guess we need to be the change we wish to see in the world.
      And well, charity begins at home, so why not start shaping our thoughts and get a little out of the box with our ideas and the possible potentials that we can achieve?

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